Dear Valued OASIS Members,

The Ontario Association of Sewage Industry Services’ Board of Directors would like to start off by thanking each and every one of you for your generous and continued support towards OASIS. Thanks to your support and commitment, we are very excited to share some great and exciting news as well as provide an update of the activities that have been solidifying in the last few months. OASIS has been a strong and pivotal organization for the last 26 years for the wastewater, portable toilet, septage haulers, sewage system installers, manufacturers and suppliers. In the past few months OASIS has gone through several operational and structural changes that will help us to be a progressive and a greater representative voice when conversing with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Labor and many more government agencies. We are on track to develop new partnerships, organize larger and more constructive conferences for our members, hold more representative meetings to address standing issues and to act as a liaison between our members and the Canadian and Ontario Government.

Thus far we have developed:

  • A new OASIS logo which will be used to enhance our image in front of our stakeholders, partners and government officials.
  • A new and optimized OASIS website which will be used to share training information, news articles, share information on how the OASIS Board of Directors is representing its members and to create an enlightening experience for those who want to learn about OASIS.
  • We have launched a new media, marketing and promotions platform for our members to take advantage of for their business growth and development.
  • OASIS with the help of external parties have developed a strategic framework with goals and objectives to be reported on for the next 5 years.
  • OASIS for the first time ever will be introducing a “Vendor Blitz” information session at the 26th Annual OASIS Conference where vendors have the opportunity to speak to its members about their business and products
  • OASIS has developed a new business strategy to help optimize the membership revenue in an effective manner while ensuring the Board of Directors is representing the best interest for its members.

Lastly, OASIS is working diligently and progressively to help develop strong partnerships with various organizations that will help move the Association forward in a positive manner.

In addition, our printed quarterly booklet the Connection will soon have the option of a digital, downloadable format. We would like to take this time also to extend our invitation to our 26th Annual Conference at the Americana Hotel in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

We will be focusing on Innovation in Biosolids and Land application with a strong focus on interfacing with government officials and what needs to change to ensure sustainability for our businesses in the next decade. With a lineup of great speakers this is a must attend event for anyone involved in the wastewater industry. We welcome back our supporters from the Portable toilet industry, Septage Haulers, Sewage system installers, manufactures and suppliers. A new look to an evolving OASIS we have dedicated ourselves to a broaden our horizon, to reach out and work with other associations, government agencies and private businesses. Together we can create an environment with best practices for clean, safe and healthy living.

This is why we need your continued support for 2017 and onwards, we are in the process of evolving into a strong Association and your support will ensure your voice is properly represented. We are also open to suggestions for individuals who would benefit or can contribute valuable information to OASIS. This can include Health Department Inspectors, Building Code Officials, Engineers, Government Representatives and Private Sector professionals.

We are in the midst of a pivotal and much needed change, by supporting each other we can make sure that our voice is heard and we have options on discussing how regulatory changes can affect our industry.

Please join us for a great conference from October 21st to October 23rd in Niagara Falls Americana Hotel. We would like to thank you all in advance for your continued support. Please make you cheques payable to Ontario Association of Sewage Industry Services. Our mailing address is PO Box 184 Bethany ON, L0A 1A0

Thank you,

Mark Brosowski Vice President OASIS

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