Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI)

Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI)

Basic Service Technician/ Best Practices Training Series

The following courses are offered both separately and as a series. The series is designed to address the basic competencies required for success in the role of a portable sanitation professional and serves as a prep course for those seeking certification through the PSAI. When taken together and followed by successful completion of the exam, these three courses will satisfy the licensing requirements in the states of Illinois and Georgia.

Transportation and Logistics in Portable Sanitation

This 90-minute course is designed to address the major areas of competency required for portable sanitation professionals operating vehicles and setting up sites in the field.

  • Prepare portable sanitation equipment for safe transportation on public highways
  • Identify specific equipment and explain its function in tank vehicles, and understand the unique issues involved in transporting loads of liquid waste
  • Select sites and place equipment under a variety of conditions
  • List the relevant laws and regulations that apply to waste disposal
  • Explain the relevant vehicle inspection and maintenance protocols that pertain to most portable sanitation operations

Servicing and Maintaining Portable Sanitation Equipment

This 2-hour course is designed to teach learners about the proper use of pumping equipment, techniques for cleaning equipment in the field and on the yard, and best practices for field repair.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify the key considerations involved in the safe and effective operation of pumping equipment
  • Clean and service the most common types of portable sanitation equipment, both in the field and on the yard
  • Adjust your procedures for cleaning in extreme temperatures’
  • Conduct field repairs

Health, Safety, and Professional Excellence in Portable Sanitation

This 2.5-hour course is designed to teach learners about the responsibilities of employers and workers for safety on the job, how to minimize the risk of illness or infection from job-related exposure, and how to approach the position of portable sanitation professional for maximum success.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify and describe the required personal protective equipment for service technicians and when/how it should be worn.
  • Outline and explain the proper procedures for materials handling, spill containment, and accident/incident management that may occur on the job
  • Name the infectious diseases that are potential risks for portable sanitation technicians and how to reduce the risk of contracting them
  • Understand the record-keeping protocols that pertain to most portable sanitation operations
  • Give examples of professional demeanor and conduct in a variety of scenarios


  • Members: $400.00 (+HST)
  • Non Members: $750.00 (+HST)
  • Duration: 8 Hours

Portable Sanitation Best Practices

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