Dear Valued OASIS Members,
Part of the many changes that have taken place within OASIS over the last few months has involved a very important change to help shape OASIS to the organization we want it to be and to help OASIS and its members become a large voice in our specified industries and businesses.

Part of this change has been the hiring of two consultants to help push the Association to new heights. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Mr. Numair Uppal and Ms. Felicia Amanda who have been with OASIS for a few months. Please find their biographies below,

Thank you

Mark Brosowski

Vice President OASIS

Numair Uppal:

Numair Uppal graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry after which he continued his education by completing a graduate degree in Environmental Engineering with a focus on water and wastewater treatment with a focus on environmental compliance. Numair participated in several senior management roles during his academic tenure. He was the President & Chair of the Faculty of Science where he led the distribution of over $500,000 of academic fees while managing and leading a team of over 15 executives.
Numair competed in a National competition with the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating where him and his team won first place for the most environmentally managed and sustained educational facility in North America.
After completing his graduate program, Numair went to pursue his career with the City of Kawartha Lakes as the Economic Development Officer for the Water Research and Innovation Network (WRAIN). Numair’s experience has allowed him to contribute to sector strategies in the Economic Development Division through research and building industry profile presentation decks. Part of his responsibilities have been to determine opportunities analyses, net present value evaluations, jurisdictional scans, frequent presentations, placemat development and generating policy considerations. Issues management activities included writing briefing notes and engaging and working with key industry stakeholders through site visits and developing strong strategic partnerships.
Numair managed the overall image, business development, marketing and financial outlook for this project while managing the innovation sector in water and wastewater for the City of Kawartha Lakes. Soon after his position; Numair was pushed as the Project Manager – WRAIN for the City of Kawartha Lakes where he was responsible for conversing with City of Kawartha Lakes Senior Management Team, Councilors, and Chief Administrative Officer in delivering innovative water and wastewater solutions for the City.
Thanks to his work, Numair was nominated for the Waters Next National Award in a Government Nominee category for his work and has been recognized as innovative and progressive. He has had several publications in Water Canada as well as other media outlets.
Numair has over 10 years of management, leadership, business development and strategic planning experience. He has successfully led a team of 30 executives and development officers to help create strong corporate relations and implement various policies, marketing strategies, plan successful fund raising events, and training packages.
Numair is currently employed with the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) – South Peel where he is an Operator -in-charge of a Class 4 water treatment facility. In his spare time Numair enjoys off-roading, fishing and eating.
Felicia Amanda:
Felicia Amanda graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. She then continued on to do her Masters of Science at Wilfrid Laurier University in Integrative Biology.
Felicia brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from various sectors both internationally and Canada wide. She started her career as a Financial Assistant for PT. Karunia Segar Utama in Indonesia where she assisted the Finance Manager in recording financial expenses and payments of the company, which included maintaining up to date financial records, processing payments, tracking daily bank deposits, and managing all employee salaries. She was responsible for editing and auditing financial reports and provided a transparent expenditures platform for feasibility and accessibility.
After which, Felicia took her knowledge and experience and became the Business Development and Financial Management Manager for Fresh Grace International Limited where she was responsible for managing and executing daily business development tasks which included creating financial audits, attending regular stakeholder meetings, ensuring all client relations were managed in accordance to corporate policies. She managed several large corporate transactions and business relations while ensuring all client needs were met and developed several corporate policies and procedures while ensuring all junior staff were trained appropriately.
Felicia was also responsible for tracking projects and client initiatives, organize special events and conferences related to business outlook, ensured all meetings and agendas were organized effectively while drafting clear and transparent reports.
Felicia also has extensive laboratory and analytical chemistry experience working with ALS Laboratories in Burlington, Ontario where she prepared samples to ensure accurate analytical testing of organic compounds, performed required sample processing (e.g. homogenization, sub-sampling, soxhlet extraction, etc.). She operated laboratory equipment efficiently and in accordance with ALS standard operating procedures (SOP), these included; rotary evaporator, nitrogen evaporator, gel permeation chromatography (GPC) and Bunsen burners Felicia is also the Co-President and Co-owner of FN Imports where she is responsible for managing the financial outlook, business development and client relations for large client internationally importing orders.
In her spare time Felicia enjoys yoga, walking her dog Chanel and cooking

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