Vactor 2100 Plus – The Sewer Cleaning Standard

You always see them on the road: The big sewer cleaner trucks with the iconic hose reel attached to the front of the chassis and a telescopic boom that reaches out over the cab from the front of the body. They have large aluminum water tanks on both sides, and the body looks like it might transport something. When it is working on the side of the road, warning signals are flashing.

The Vactor Sewer Cleaner has become a well-recognized piece of equipment in North America. Fact is: Vactor provided the die cast all other sewer cleaner trucks are modeled after. And to this day, its high-quality and ease of use manifest the manufacturer’s status as an industry leader and innovator for sewer and catch basin cleaners, industrial vacuum loaders, and vacuum excavators.

A True Success Story

The Vactor success story begins with the design and manufacturing of products such as milking machines, feed blenders, mixers, grain storage and conveying systems in the first quarter of the 20th century. The pneumatic conveying system in these original products laid the foundation for success as a global leader in the sewer cleaning industry. In the early 1960s the company began to design and manufacture a line of sewer and catch basin cleaners for the municipal market to clear clogged sewer lines and catch basins, and in 1969 the first combination sewer cleaner featuring water jetting and vacuuming together on one truck rolled off the assembly line. In the same year, the company also introduced the Vactor Jet Rodder Water Pump, the first pump designed specifically for sewer cleaning.

Fast-forward to 1989, when the ever-popular Vactor 2100 Series Combination Sewer Cleaner was introduced and quickly evolved to become the industry standard for the municipal market. Continuous improvements and technological innovation further established Vactors unchallenged leading position.  The implemented ModulFlex Design allowed customers early on to obtain a machine that was engineered to their specifications on a chassis of their choice – optimizing weight distribution and providing the safest unit available. To date, Vactor has sold over 13,000 sewer cleaners world-wide, and the appreciation for this pristine piece of equipment knows no limits.

Top Seller in Canada

In Ontario, Vactor Combination Sewer Cleaners and Hydro Excavators are exclusively distributed by infrastructure equipment specialist Joe Johnson Equipment (JJE), a proud Vactor dealer for 20 years. Many of JJE’s customers have been buying and renting Vactors from the company for decades. One of them is D.M. Robichaud, a leader in sewer rehabilitation, who swears by Vactor Combo machines for their reliability and quality and as a result of the long-standing relationship with JJE. “We simply cannot afford downtime”, says VP and General Manager Tom Leonard. “And that is why we trust the Vactor Combination Sewer Cleaners.”

So the next time you see a Vactor cleaning a sewer off the side of the road, you’ll know there is a high-quality product at work ensuring that we can live life as comfortable as we do.