Together with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP), we would like to inform you of an important change regarding the hauled sewage (HS) and processed organic waste (POW/Biosolids) Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) program.

MECP has introduced centralized service delivery for both paper and electronic HS disposal site (including surface spreading, dewatering trenches, exfiltration lagoons) and POW land application site ECA applications.

Applications for new HS/POW sites, and for amendments to existing HS/POW ECAs, including renewals or revocations will be processed by the ministry’s Client Services and Permission Branch.  District Offices will no longer process these applications (except for applications received by MECP prior to April 1st, 2020).

You can submit your application and supporting information online and track its progress on MECP’s electronic Environmental Compliance Approval System (eECAS).  Start by creating your account using the Public Secure login ( If you need assistance on navigating the online process, you can contact the ministry’s client service helpdesk at  or 416-314-8001 (toll-free: 1-800-461-6290), Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Please note that for renewals, it is recommended that clients submit their applications at least six (6) months prior to the ECA expiry or cessation date.  In the event that you are unable to meet this timeline, the ministry will, upon receipt of an application, consider issuing an extension to the ECA expiry/cessation date.

To assist with the efficient processing of these applications, please be reminded the MECP requires that you submit the following minimum supporting information with your HS/POW ECA application:

  • Proof of legal name (unless the applicant is a municipal, provincial or federal government).
  • Estimated total quality and type (including any pre-treatment information) of HS/POW to be disposed off at the site per year.
  • Zoning map, with the site location clearly indicated.
  • A topographic map or equivalent mapping information that accurately illustrates the location of the site in relation to local topographic features and surface water bodies.
  • Sketch of the site showing relevant features, structures, setback areas and “sensitive use” areas (e.g., residences, recreational and institutional facilities, private and municipal wells, roadways, shallow soil/bedrock outcrops etc.) in relation to the property boundary and spreading/trench/on-site storage areas.

If you have trouble accessing or navigating eECAS, as an alternative you can e-mail your application to the MECP.

If you choose this option, you must:

  • complete and sign the existing HS/POW application form ( Important Note: This form will eventually be phased out and replaced with a new application form.
  • submit the minimum supporting documentation, as noted above for electronic submissions.
  • E-mail the application to:

Please note at this time, no application fee will be required.

We understand that these changes may bring questions regarding the new ECA submission process.  OASIS will be working alongside the MECP on the development of an updated ECA Application Form and guidance materials to support you in your preparation of ECA submissions.

If you have any questions or concerns at this time, please feel free to contact OASIS at