About Us

The Ontario Association of Sewage Industry Services (OASIS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for the liquid waste and septage handling industry and portable sanitation sector in Ontario, Canada. OASIS is committed to fostering responsible practices in the design, installation, and maintenance of onsite wastewater treatment systems and the operation and upkeep of portable toilets. The organization’s mission extends to educating homeowners, contractors, regulators, and policymakers about the vital role that onsite wastewater treatment and portable sanitation play in safeguarding public health and the environment. OASIS provides a range of services, including training programs, technical assistance, and a directory of certified professionals qualified to provide septic system and portable sanitation services.

Presently we have over 185 member companies who work in the Province of Ontario, throughout Canada and North America.

Our Purpose

The AssociationStrives

To maintain and promote the highest standards of safety, environmental responsibility, regulatory compliance and environmental due diligence.
To institute open forum discussions regarding operational challenges, implementation of maintenance protocols, employee development, administrative practices, and operator safety programs.
To act as a liaison between several tiers of government and Ministries while representing the interests of the industry with legislative recommendations.
To promote uniformity and consistency throughout the industry.


To establish a prominent presence and influence within the hauled septage, portable sanitation, and liquid waste management sector in Ontario. This will be achieved through forging robust collaborative alliances with key industry stakeholders and ensuring utmost transparency across all facets of our operations.


OASIS envisions a future where it leads the way in shaping industry operational standards, facilitating mandatory training initiatives, and promoting collaborative and innovative septage management practices throughout Ontario.

Our Goals



To develop key strategic partnerships to facilitate regulatory changes and provide informative information back to membership.



To develop and provide required education and training programs to ensure regulatory compliance.



To work collaboratively with other organizations, government agencies and our membership to provide a single resource association.


Create & Promote

To provide an avenue for knowledge transfer for innovative waste management procedures and technologies. 



To obtain a membership rate of over 75% of licensed carriers in the Province of Ontario.



To develop, encourage, and promote a safe and inclusive work environment for employees and employees.


Public Outreach

To educate homeowners on the concepts and procedures associated with proper septic maintenance and system use.


Membership Forum

To provide an avenue for the exchange of information, resources, documents and templates to help create consistency in the industry.

OASIS Bylaws