About Us

History of OASIS

OASIS was established in 1991 to support and represent businesses in the septic, portable toilet and biosolid land application industry. We are dedicated to working with various levels of government, associations and those in related fields to improve and conform to regulations and guidelines pertaining to the sustainability of the environment in the Province of Ontario.

Presently, we have over 175 member companies who work in the Province of Ontario, throughout Canada and North America.

Our Purpose

The AssociationStrives

To maintain and promote the highest standards of safety, environmental responsibility, regulatory compliance and environmental due diligence.
To institute open forum discussions regarding operational challenges, implementation of maintenance protocols, employee development, administrative practices, and operator safety programs.
To act as a liaison between several tiers of government and Ministries while representing the interests of the industry with legislative recommendations.
To promote uniformity and consistency throughout the industry.


OASIS strives to develop and implement industry best practices, regulatory mandated training seminars, encourage collaborative projects and provide valuable direction on regulatory guideline development.


OASIS strives to lead and shape the hauled sewage, portable toilet and on-site waste management industry in Ontario by creating strong collaborative partnerships and providing transparency in all aspects of the industry.

Our Goals



To become an acknowledged and informative voice for all sewage and liquid waste carriers in Ontario.


Provide Training

Provide environmental training and business development opportunity to OASIS members.



To work collaboratively with other organizations, regulatory agencies and its members to shape the industry.


Create & Promote

To create and promote more efficient and innovative sewage disposal sites.


60% Membership

To achieve a membership of 60% of the licensed carriers in the Province of Ontario


Safety Code

To create and enforce a Safety Code of Conduct for the industry.


Educate Public

To educate the general public concerning the proper use of septic systems and maintenance


Membership Forum

To provide a membership forum for the exchange of information, equipment and support.

OASIS Bylaws