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Communication Notice from the Ministry of Labour

By | September 24th, 2020|Categories: OASIS News|

The Ministry recognizes and appreciates the continuing challenges faced by all of Ontario businesses, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. As you have indicated in your correspondence, flushable toilets are required on all construction projects in Ontario. Under section 29.1 of the Regulation for Construction Projects (O. Reg. 213/91), all non-sewered toilet facilities provided on a project must be either water [...]

Communication Notice from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks

By | September 21st, 2020|Categories: OASIS News|

Together with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP), we would like to inform you of an important change regarding the hauled sewage (HS) and processed organic waste (POW/Biosolids) Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) program. MECP has introduced centralized service delivery for both paper and electronic HS disposal site (including surface spreading, dewatering trenches, exfiltration [...]