Supporting, Developing and Growing

OASIS’s committees are a cluster of Board of Directors who work in collaboration to help develop and promote the association’s mandate, vision and goals.
The committees are always seeking new volunteers to help drive the association forward and help create a positive voice in their respective industries.

Our Vision

Support Environmental Training Seminars, Business Development Conferences and Regulatory Decisions in Partnership with OASIS.

Our Mission

In Order to Solve Water and Wastewater Challenges, Oasis Promotes and Manages Training Seminars, Conferences and Collaborative Projects to Support Research and Regulatory Guideline Development.

OASIS Committees

Governance Committees

Ministry of Environment

Chair: Mark Brosowski

Mike Clark, Randy Todd, Rob MacLellan, Joseph Henry, Roger Winter

Portable Toilet – Ministry of Labour

Chair: Peter & Wanda Inglis

Roger Winter, Roger Barrette, Randy Knight, Mike Clark, Keri Ross

Ministry of Transportation

Chair: George Smith

Rob MacLellan, Roger Winter, Mike Clark

(OASIS) Development Committees

Governance and Financial

Chair: Rob MacLellan

Bob Thomson, Mike Clark, Mark Brosowski, Peter Inglis, Giles Ardiel

Membership Services

Chair: Joseph Henry

Peter Inglis, Keri Ross, Numair Uppal, Felicia Amanda

Professional Development/Onsite Technical

Chair: Mark Brosowski

Mike Clark, Roger Barrette, Randy Knight, Giles Ardiel, Roger Winter, Numair Uppal, Felicia Amanda

Education and Training Development

Chair: Mark Brosowski

Mike Clark, Roger Winter, Roger Barrette, Numair Uppal, Felicia Amanda

Media Relations

Chair: Joseph Henry

Roger Winter, Numair Uppal, Felicia Amanda


Chair: Keri Ross

Rob MacLellan, Bob Thomson, Roger Barrette, Roger Winter, Numair Uppal, Felicia Amanda

Join Us

If you are a member and would like to learn more about the various committees or to volunteer, feel free to email us at: